Thursday, May 20, 2010

So I've changed my mind

So I've realized that I think in a series of Facebook statuses that I will NEVER post. I know the people in my network. I'm not too comfy with people knowing exactly what I'm thinking. So, Ive decided to use this blog as a sort of online journal. If anyone follows me I probably won't know them anyway... and I'm more okay with sharing info with people I don't know than with people I do. I don't care if you realize I can't spell, or that I'm really not as nice as people think I am. Eh, that's not true. I'm am pretty nice, but I censor a lot of what I say. Well NOT ANYMORE :) My years of observation have brought me here... It's sort of sad. Oh well, this is my outlet not yours.

1 comment:

  1. stop're evil just like the rest of us. maybe you should just get a twitter and instantly say all the mean things you're thinking like i do.

    either way- getting you to update more often is good no matter which way you go about doing it. lol

    p.s. tell my BFC to hit me up so we can start planning your bday!